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Erotic Literary Writer, Suzanne Carr

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Interview with Sanina Author of Deviant Sexual Desires

I recently had the pleasure of featuring Sanina’s book, Deviant Sexual Desires. Sanina was kind enough to consent to do an interview.

Erotica By Sanina

How long have you been writing erotica?

I’ve been writing for almost 23 years, but I’ve only focused on erotica for
about 10 years now. What started as just an erotic scene in a romantic
story line has now turned into full-blown hardcore erotica.

Do you use a pseudonym?

Yes I do. S.A.N.I.N.A stands for Self-Accepted New Identity Non-Applicable.
I used to write under a different name when I first started writing, but
over the years my writing evolved so I felt like I needed a suitable name to
reflect how my writing had changed.

How many erotic books have you written?

So far, I have written one novel that is not published, and a compilation of
short stories that has been published. I have many shorts that I have written
and will put together to publish, but it’s all about how they flow.

Tell us about your novel, Deviant Sexual Desires

Deviant Sexual Desires – Volume 1 is a compilation of Erotic stories,
poems, quotes and recipes that will broaden your mind as far as how you
view sex. “Release your inhibitions and dive into a place that, not only
welcomes those desires, but praises them, as well.” You must have an open
mind to read my novel. Deviant is considered anything that is outside of
the norm, so I named the book in a way that would warn people. This is not
going to be your average everyday sexual escapades.

Describe one of your favorite parts of your book:

Submission part 1 has to be one of my favorite stories that I have written
so far and I am actually thinking of turning it into a series. I love the
dominance of the character Omega, BDSM is a completely new adventurous world
that has grown on me. Omega has her own personal dungeon in the basement of
her home where she dominates her partner in so many ways. When I was
writing I imagined the dungeon so vividly, from colors, sounds and even
scents. Having her partner restrained to a table, and teasing her in so
many ways was pure excitement in itself.

Do you write in other genres besides erotica?

Erotica is actually not the first genre in which I’ve written. I
started off with sci-fi and I’ve moved around from poetry to even
children’s books. However, I would have to say my niche is definitely hardcore

Do your friends and family know you write erotica?

My family is aware I write erotica and while most are excited to
see me publish work, there still are a few who feel that I should use my
talent to write under a different genre.

Have you received fan mail from readers?

This question actually made me laugh when I first read it. My fan mail is
always very interesting. However, one must be open to what they will receive
especially when you’re writing under a genre like erotica. I’ve received
everything from marriage proposals, to offers of one night stands. I’ve
been asked if my stories are based on true life experiences or if I just have
a vivid imagination. On a daily basis I am informed of how sexually
stimulating I am and what I do to a person. I take it as a compliment.
If a reader can read my work and become aroused to the point where they are
dripping wet or rock hard, I feel as if my work is a job well done and I
pat myself on the back.

Where do you get the ideas for your erotic stories?

My work stems from different places. Sometimes listening to music evokes
thoughts that turn into stories. While other times I will see something
that will trigger my writing juices to flow. In my novel, Deviant Sexual
Desires, there is a story titled “House Hunting”. The actual idea for this
story came while I was on my way home from work and I passed by a beautiful
house that had a sign in the yard listing it For Sale. My thoughts wandered and
as soon as I got home I started to write. Stimulation for stories can
come from all different types of places; you just have to be open to
receive them.

Have you ever been turned on while writing erotica?

Yes! That is your first sign that you are writing what will turn out to be
a great erotica piece. When I write I visualize everything, I can see the
background, what my characters have on, and I can even smell the scents of
their perfume/cologne. I literally place myself into my work, if you can do
that it makes writing even more interesting. Sometimes putting yourself in
the right mood can elicit great work. Set the mood to write erotica, listen
to sexual songs, light some candles and dress the part. Have a glass of
wine/champagne and light some incense, at times the more stimulated you are
the better you will write.

Do you ever use real life experiences when you write?

Writing from experience can enhance how you formulate your work, but is not
necessarily needed. Sometimes the key to great work is just having a great
imagination, while at times I do use real life experiences I always add a
fictional twist to turn my work up a notch.

Is it sometimes difficult to come up with a constant supply of “sex” words?

I am a bookworm and I love education, so I am constantly building my
vocabulary. If I get the feeling that I am becoming redundant with the
usage of a particular word, I run to my thesaurus and look up synonyms for
the word. I’ve actually compiled my own word lists that has probably 200
plus words that are strictly for writing erotica. As with anything, the
more you do it, the better you get.

Where can readers find out more about you and your erotic writing?

Anyone interested can find out more about me by going
to My site lists everything from sample stories,
to articles and I even have a mailing list so that you can keep up with
what’s going on and what projects I am currently working on. As of right
now my book is available on all eReaders, and online retailers. Starting
late July, Deviant Sexual Desires will be available in bookstores around the
world, so stay tuned.

What advice or suggestions would you give anyone interested in venturing
into the wonderful world of erotic writing?

Be yourself! I started writing erotica almost 10 years ago and I am just
now publishing my first novel. My work is very explicit and for years all I
received were rejections letters stating how well written my work was but
could I turn it down a notch. Everyone writes differently and if you are
constantly changing your work to fit the so-called mold that has been set
by erotica writers before, everyone’s work will eventually sound the same.
I decided to keep my work as it was and just self-publish. Having an
imagination and being able to think outside the box are also great
qualities to have if you’re going to venture off into the world of
Erotica. Be mindful that everyone likes something different, so no matter
which way you choose to go when writing erotica, there will always be
someone out there who is interested. Another great quality is being able to
write well, readers of erotica want to be aroused by your words and the
picture you are painting for them.


Deviant Sexual Desires

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